Friday, March 21


i've decided to end my blog mostly because i've lost interest in it. i left a couple blog entries that are my faves.

the end.

Sunday, March 16

my week in jail... i mean, vail

So last week I spent the entire week in Vail, not jail -- like my mom first thought when I told her. "You're in jail?!"

It was weird, not the snowboarding part. That I LOVE to do. I spent most of the week going solo. When you're by yourself on the lifts and at a ski condo, either you're more likely to talk to people or other people are more likely to talk to you.

Needless to say, I observed several things. Though some of this might sound judgmental or whatever, but nonetheless these are my observations... so deal with it.

I felt like most of the people there weren't necessarily hardcore or avid skiers and snowboarders -- dude most of them were coasting on the greens -- they were usually folks who had some serious money like where they could buy super expensive lift tickets, pay for airfare, and condos or a house (which many owned those). The privilege.

I know what you're thinking, "aren't you one of those privilege?"

Well, I would say I'm that local die hard who's addicted to snowboarding because I am. Not to say those guys aren't addicted to their yearly trip to the slopes, but it's just different. To me it doesn't matter where I ride as long as the snow is good and lift lines are short I'm a very happy camper!

I guess, to be honest, I felt out of place amongst the wealthy. It's almost the middle-class kid showing up at the exclusive country club in the neighborhood and realizing that he/she has more in common with the bathroom cleaning lady than the members.

Sorry if this sounds critical, it's more of an internal conflict I personally have. I met so many people who vacation at Vail or Beaver Creek and spend tons of money for just 4 or 5 days on the slopes, probably what they pay for their lift tix is what I pay for my season pass.

Needless to say, I don't think I'll stop snowboarding or anything like that because of this. Really it's more like an odd feeling I have. I can see why so many of my friends screw the resorts and head to back country. They do it for the love of the sport not for the prestige, power, and way to show-off your wealth to your friends.

Anyway, I loved my trip and very much appreciated the free ski condo I got for the week.

Wednesday, August 15

"non smoking dogs"

After several weeks of house rental hunting, my roommate and I are very close to securing one.

I must say, we've seen some funny ones, but I feel like landlords are some of the interesting characters. Like this one dude was totally Barney Fife. Sounded like him and everything.

What cracks me up are people describing their rentals. Um-yeah, this one guy was like "are you ready to see a place that will change your life?" We saw it and my immediate thought was if I lived there I would end my life. I think I've seen public restrooms as better options.

Man, yesterday we looked at this one. Geesh, first these guys on the other half of the duplex we're yelling at video games, and then when my roommate walked by they yelled "hello" and then "I love you". We both were like no way just dealing with obnoxious college boys. Then the landlady walked by and yelled at them for talking to us. So, we go inside and my first sniff was like "wow, it's a potpourri of cat urine, mothballs, mold and ass. Gee, let me think -- um no!"

I've decided that words that people use to make their rentals sound better like for instance 'cozy' = closet; 'full basement' = storage basement; 'unique' or 'charming' = wacky nonconforming piece of crap.

Lastly, my favorite craigs some posting had 'non smoking dogs only' um, okay...

So, hopefully by this weekend we'll sign a lease!

Wednesday, August 8


Sunday, August 5

"I don't eat meat..." "Shwto?"

This scene from 'Everything Is Illuminated' makes me laugh for so many reasons. The post-Soviet culture to being a veggie. I can't tell you how many times I've had this conversation with Americans, not Russians since I wasn't a veg then. And, I'm amazed that my choice to be a vegetarian offends people. I don't understand it.

But ya know, we live in a society where people solely eat meat, no fruit. Any diet out there that says you can eat greasy bacon and not fruit is totally jacked up!

But if you're at all interested in learning more about being a vegetarian / vegan then click on this link. It'll answer some of your questions like: How do you get enough protein if you don't eat meat? Heard of a complete protein before? Beans + rice = complete protein. Hummus + pita = complete protein. Much healthier than meat.

Wednesday, August 1

Things I remember...

the time I woke up being carried by my mom; someone was trying to break into our house while my dad was out of town. After being carried and flung around like a ragdoll, I rubbed my eyes and realized that I was in my parents' bathroom. There I was just standing there trying to make sense of the everything. My mom was frantically calling the police while our dog Ginger was barking like crazy and my sister was dancing around the bathroom because she had to pee. My mom told her to go to bathroom since we were in the bathroom; that wasn't the funny thing but the fact that my old house had like over 20 phone jacks throughout the house, even in the bathrooms. I guess my mom was glad we had one; the robber 'the snake' didn't officially break into our house, just tried to.

my first fear of losing someone. I was in pre-school and while my carpool dropped me off, we noticed my dad's car was home, which was unusually since he was supposed to be at work. So, I go inside and find my parents in their room embracing as they sat on their bed; my mom was crying. My dad told me that she had wrecked the family station wagon. The next day or so we went to the junkyard to get some of my mom's personal belongings; the car was all smashed up. So I kissed the car hoping it would turn back into the car it used to be. I knew at that moment that magic was fake... but the truth is I knew I was very close to losing my mom. It definitely scared me enough that I wouldn't let my mom out of my sight for years... nothing could happen to her if I was around.

I also remember cussing for the first time. I was like 6 or something and I called my sister an "ass" when we were playing some game. I think my mom just laughed.

Losing my first tooth after biting into a chewy cookie.

Seeing 'ET' in the theatre.

Laughing so hard that I hit my head on my bed frame and then got a concussion. The babysitter was taking care of us. After we dropped her off, I puked in the car all over the place.

I forged my mom's signature in 5th grade because I didn't want to go to some dumb choir thing. My mom busted me and said, "I would've signed it if you didn't want to go. But I must say your forgery is quite good." I like it that my mom gave me props for my forgery techniques. A skill that came in handy.

Every night growing up I lied in bed terrified that the scary ax guy standing outside my bedroom was going to chop me up to death. I was just lying there scared to death. I didn't move a muscle in case he knew I was watching him. The next day I would check for foot prints by my bedroom window. No prints, but there was a small shrub there that I believe to this day morphed itself into a scary ax man.

My high school art teacher, Mr. Leaf, thought that my drawings were phallic. Okay, weirdo. But he was the guy who sold, ahem, I mean stole my design, creation for $50 to the boys soccer team. Bastard!

Lots of things come to mind, I suppose.

Wednesday, July 11

craigslist giggles

Lately I've been obsessed with craigslist especially with (a) finding a new place to live and (b) finding a bike.

Below is one of the funniest craigs' postings I've ever seen! Well, besides some of those creepy personals.

check it:

[Note: since the link is being lame here's what you would've seen]
**CLOWN BIKE ** - $25
Reply to:
sale-368492314@craigslist.orgDate: 2007-07-07, 9:07AM MDT27"tall bike. Adult can ride! Cash only.